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Develop and Conduct a National Annual Safe Boating Campaign

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005
Administered by:

Department of Homeland Security, All Departmental Offices, All DHS Federal Offices, Various Locations, NA
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  • Original Grant - Oct 28, 2004
Applications Due:

Jan 18, 2005
Completed application packages must be received before 3 p.m. eastern time, on January 18, 2005. The mailing address is U.S. Coast Guard (G-OPB-1) Room 3100, 2100 2nd Street S.W. Washington, D.C. 20593, Attn: Vickie Hartberger.

total funding: $3,000,000
max award: none
min award: none
cost sharing, matching: No
number of awards: 32
type of funding: Grant

Develop and Conduct a National Annual Safe Boating Campaign.
The Coast Guard seeks a grantee to develop and conduct the year 2006 National Annual Safe Boating Campaign that targets specific boater market segments and recreational boating safety topics. This year-round campaign must support the organizational objectives of the Recreational Boating Safety Program and the nationwide grassroots activities of the many volunteer groups who coordinate local media events, education programs, and public awareness activities, as well as complement the Coast Guard "You're in Command" campaign. The major focus of the campaign will be to affect the behavior of all boaters with special focus on boat operators being resonsible for their own safety as well as the safety of their passengers. A significant emphasis should be placed on life jacket wear, safety and security issues, and the dangers of carbon monoxide, as well as boating under the influence of alcohol or a dangerous drug. Efforts will also be coordinated, year-round, with other national safety activities and special media events. Point of Contact: Ms. Jo Calkin, (202)267-0994.

Who can apply:

Nonprofits Having A 501(C)(3) Status With The IRS, Other Than Institutions Of Higher Education
Private Nonprofit Institution/Organization (Includes Institutions Of Higher Education, Hospitals)

Eligible functional categories:
Funding Sources:

Boating Safety Financial Assistance

More Information:

Develop and Conduct a National Annual Safe Boating Campaign

If you have problems accessing the full announcement, please contact: Hartberger, Vickie

Address Info:

Department of Homeland Security, United States Coast Guard, Office of Boating Safety

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